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This blog tracked legal issues arising from Brexit. It ran from the referendum in 2016 to last post in May of 2021.

Discussions of Brexit on the BBC

Posted on 16 Sep 2016 by Brick Court

On Tuesday 13 September Richard Gordon QC and Bernard Jenkin MP were interviewed by Ellie Price on Daily Politics about how to untangle more than 40 years of entwined British and European law:  Watch here

On Wednesday 14 September Richard Gordon QC took part in Unreliable Evidence  in a panel discussion moderated by Clive Anderson (including Lord Falconer) about how EU law has become woven into the fabric of our lives, and whether, on the day that Britain leaves the EU, all that law cease to apply.  In the absence of EU law guaranteeing free movement of labour, what will happen to EU citizens working in the UK and UK citizens working and living around Europe?  Listen here