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We differ from other chambers in the importance we place on mini-pupillages. They are an integral part of our pupillage selection process and, consequently, we do not consider candidates for pupillage unless they have undertaken a mini-pupillage with us. We want to obtain as much information as we reasonably can about our pupillage candidates.

We do not think it is in either our interests or of those applying to us that we make our decisions merely on the basis of a Pupillage Gateway form, references and performance at an interview. We think that a more detailed assessment is fairer to candidates. All mini-pupillages are therefore assessed.

In addition to being a part of our selection process, a mini-pupillage is also an important opportunity for you to experience life in chambers first-hand and to make an informed assessment about what it is really like. You will be deciding whether you would like to spend your year of pupillage with us, and hopefully, thereafter remain here as a tenant. We believe that we work in a happy and stimulating environment and would like you to have the opportunity to see that for yourself either remotely or otherwise.

Please note: we do not consider candidates for pupillage unless they have undertaken a mini-pupillage with us


We are accepting applications for mini-pupillage for the 2024-25 recruitment round for pupillages commencing in 2026.

Applications for assessed mini-pupillages should be made in the academic year that candidates intend to apply for pupillage. For example, if a candidate intends to apply for pupillage in the 2025 Gateway process (for pupillage commencing in 2026), the candidate should apply for mini-pupillages in the 2024-25 academic year. The two sessions of mini-pupillages which will take place within each academic/application year are:

The Autumn season

The deadline for applications is 29 September 2024 (12 noon London time). The mini-pupillages will take place during the period October, November and December.

The Winter season

The deadline for applications is 10 January 2025 (12 noon London time). The mini-pupillages will take place during January, February and March.

Applications for mini-pupillage should be made on our online form. Please append university transcripts and any other documentation requested in the application form. Chambers will make reference requests direct.

We encourage applicants to complete the monitoring form in order to help us carry out monitoring as required by the Bar Council’s equality code. Information regarding the application form and how to apply can be found here.


If you have any queries about pupillage or mini-pupillage, or the online application form, please contact our Pupillage Manager, Lyana Peniston. Her contact details are:

Mrs Lyana Peniston
Pupillage Manager
Brick Court Chambers
7-8 Essex Street
London WC2R 3LD

020 7520 9881


Mini-pupillage and pupillage selection criteria and process

All applications for mini-pupillage are considered anonymously by members of the Pupillage Committee who decide which applicants should be offered a mini-pupillage with reference to the selection criteria below.

Intellectual ability
Analytical ability
Advocacy/communications skills (oral and written)
Resilience, determination and self-motivation

Assessed Mini-Pupillage

An assessed mini-pupillage involves spending two days in chambers although mini-pupillages may be conducted remotely via Zoom or equivalent platforms depending on a candidate's circumstances. Mini-pupils see a snapshot of the work of chambers. Assessed mini-pupils are allocated a member of chambers as a mini-pupil supervisor. They will be asked to look at work for their supervisor, perhaps research some points, attend conferences or attend court hearings with their supervisor or another member of chambers. There will be opportunities to meet and speak to other members of chambers and our current pupils about life in chambers.

For mini-pupillages taking place in chambers, we offer a small sum towards expenses (currently £10 per day), with a further £100 available for each night of overnight accommodation for those candidates who are based outside London, together with reasonable expenses for travel (on production of receipts).

In addition, mini-pupils are asked to complete a standard piece of assessed work within an agreed timeframe which will take place outside the mini-pupillage. This will be reviewed anonymously by members of the Pupillage Committee.

All of those who have undertaken an assessed mini-pupillage are considered for final interview. The decision as to whom to invite for final interview is taken by the Pupillage Committee by reference to chambers’ selection criteria and is based upon a candidate’s paper applications, their performance during mini-pupillage, the standardised assessed work and confidential references. We usually invite around 15-candidates to final interviews.

Final interviews are normally held on a Saturday in line with the Gateway timetable. Those who are invited for a final interview will be provided with a legal problem in advance of attending the interview, and the first part of the interview will comprise a short advocacy exercise based on that problem.  Given the range of backgrounds of those who apply to chambers, we endeavour to select a problem which is self-contained and does not require knowledge of any particular legal area.

Offers to successful candidates will be made in accordance with the Pupillage Gateway