Brick Court Chambers

(i) This website is produced by Brick Court Chambers, a set of barristers’ chambers. Chambers has no collective legal identity of any kind; all barristers practising from a set of chambers are self-employed individuals. By agreement of the barristers in these Chambers, this web site has been prepared for information purposes only. Any views expressed, or comments made on the law in an article, commentary or note on this web site are not necessarily the opinions of any member of Chambers other than the author. This web site is updated on a regular basis.

(ii) Legal Advice
Members of Chambers, as individual lawyers, may only give advice to a particular person on a specific matter or case if instructed to do so by one of the following: a solicitor, a qualified foreign lawyer or a member of a recognised professional body approved by the Bar Council for the purpose of direct professional access work, or a BarDIRECT client.

(iii) Disclaimer
The information and any commentary on the law contained on this web site are provided free of charge for information purposes only. Every reasonable effort is made to make the information and commentary accurate and up to date, but no responsibility for its accuracy and correctness, or for any consequences of relying on it, is assumed by any member of Chambers. The information and commentary does not, and are not intended to, amount to legal advice to any person on a specific case or matter. You are strongly advised to obtain specific, personal advice from a lawyer about your case or matter and not to rely on the information or comments on this site.

(iv) Email Fraud
We are aware of a number of bogus e-mails, letters and faxes which are being received by individuals in many parts of the world, claiming to be from Brick Court Chambers or individuals from Brick Court Chambers, or using the names of individuals from Brick Court Chambers, which indicate that the addressee has won or inherited a substantial sum of money, and ask the recipient for personal information and/or money. These communications are not genuinely from us, and appear to be part of a scam being orchestrated by someone using our name illegally and without authorisation. We have been alerted to many dozens of these. We report them to the police when appropriate and are taking steps to try to stop them.  If you have received such a communication, we strongly advise that you just ignore it and do not respond or communicate further with the sender.