David Vaughan CBE QC

Year of Call: 1963 Silk: 1981

Clerk: Ian Moyler

David Vaughan CBE QC

Year of Call: 1963 Silk: 1981

Clerk: Ian Moyler


“The ‘great doyen of European law’”
- Chambers & Partners 2013

“His advice, drawn from 45 years of practice, is considered to be ‘first-class, incisive and pragmatic.’”
- Chambers & Partners 2013


With over 50 years of practice, of which 35 years have been as Queen's Counsel, David Vaughan has appeared in over 100 cases before the European Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance of the European Communities.  He has appeared in both direct actions and in references from national courts.  Many of these are cases of the greatest significance in competition and in general EU law.  He has appeared mainly for private enterprises seeking to challenge EU and national legislation or decisions.  He has also appeared in many of the most important EU cases before the House of Lords, the Court of Appeal and the High Court.

In 2014, he received a lifetime achievement award at the Chambers Bar Awards. He has sat as Recorder, Deputy High Court Judge, and Judge of the Courts of Appeal of Jersey and of Guernsey.  He is also an accredited CEDR Mediator.

practice areas


Important Cases

European Court of Justice:

  • C-598/11 P(I) Schenker v Cathay Pacific Airways
  • C-407/11 P Government of Gibraltar -v- Commission
  • C-278/11 P Dover -v- Parliament
  • C-584/10 P Commission -v- Kadi
  • C-593/10 P Council -v- Kadi
  • C-595/10 P UK -v- Kadi
  • C-27/09 France -v- PMOI
  • C-576/08 P PMOI -v- Council (Blacklisting)
  • C-391/08 P (R)Dow Agrisciences II
  • C- 99/08 P (R) Dow Agrisciences I
  • C-85/08 P (R) & C-6/08 P (R) FMC Chemical
  • C-60/08 P(R) Cheminova
  • C-558/07 R -v- DEFRA ex p. SPCM SA (REACH Regulation)
  • C-39/03P Cambridge Health (Appeal by Commission)
  • C-142/02 Anastasiou III (External Relations: Cyprus)
  • C-308/01 GIL Insurance (VAT, State Aid)
  • C-175-180/01 British Coal -v- Commission (Appeals from CFI Judgment in T-89/98
  • C-471/00P (R) Cambridge Health (Pharmaceuticals, International Measures)
  • C-27/00 Omega Air (Aircraft noise regulation)
  • C-453/99 Courage -v- Crehan (Art.85 and damages)
  • C-294/99P ICI -v- Commission (Art. 85 PVC II, appeal)
  • C-390/98 Banks -v- Coal Authority (Coal-State Aids)
  • C-380/98 University of Cambridge (Public Procurement)
  • C-219/98 Anastasiou II (External Relations: Cyprus)
  • C-293/97 Standley and Metson (Environment)
  • C-151 and 157/97(P(I)) National Power and Powergen -v- Commission (BCC intervening) (Competition)
  • C-4/96 NIFPO -v- Department of Agriculture (NI) (Fishing)
  • C-354/95 R -v- MAFF ex p. NFU (BSE)
  • C-296/95 R -v- C & E ex parte Emu TABAC (Excise Duty)
  • C-286/95P Commission -v- ICI (Competition Soda Ash Article 86 Appeal)
  • C-245/95P NTN and Koyo Seiko -v- Council (Dumping)
  • C-44/94 NFFO (Fishing)
  • C-18/94 Hopkins -v- National Power (Competition/Coal)
  • C-48/93 Factortame (Damages - Fishing)
  • C-432/92 Anastasiou I (External Relations - Cyprus)
  • C-200/92P PP Appeal - ICI (Competition)
  • C-137/92P PVCI Appeal - ICI (Competition)
  • C-128/92 Banks -v- British Coal (Competition - Coal)
  • C-124/92 An Bord Bainne (Force Majeure)
  • C-324/91 Electricity Companies (Pensions)
  • C-241/91 & C-242/91 Magill (Intellectual Property & Competition)
  • C-169/91 Stoke on Trent (B&Q) (Sunday Trading: Article 30)
  • C-116/91 British Gas (Tachographs)
  • C-104/90 Matsushita (Anti-dumping)
  • C-50/90 Sunzest (External Relations/Cyprus)
  • C-221/89 Factortame (Div. Ct.) (Fishing)
  • C-213/89 Factortame (H.L) (Interim Measures)
  • C-181/89 Cunningham v. MMB (Milk)
  • C-139/89 ICI - LDPE (Competition)
  • C-138/89 ICI - PVC (Competition)
  • C-372/88 Cricket St. Thomas v. M.M.B (Milk)
  • C-306/88 Rochdale Borough Council (Sunday Trading)
  • C-262/88 Barber (Pensions)
  • C-166/88) Wakefield (B&Q) (Sunday Trading)
  • C-145/88) Torfaen (B&Q) (Sunday Trading)
  • C-266/87 & C-267/87 A.P.I. (Pharmaceuticals - Article 30)
  • C-238/87 Volvo -v- Veng (Intellectual Property & Competition)
  • C-230/87 Naturally Yours (V.A.T.)
  • C-216/87 Jaderow (Fishing)
  • C-175/87 Matsushita (Dumping)
  • C-81/87 Daily Mail (Company Law and Taxation)
  • C-3/87 Agegate (Fishing)
  • C-212/86 ICI (Article 85 - Polypropylene)
  • C-138/86 & C-139/86 Direct Cosmetics (V.A.T.)
  • C-115/86 N.I. Coal Importers (Coal & Competition)
  • C-77/86 Dried Fruit Association (Minimum Import Prices & Agriculture)
  • C-416/85 Zero Rating (V.A.T. for UK Govt.)
  • C-353/85 Medical Exemptions (V.A.T. for UK Govt.)
  • C-114/85 Wood-Pulp (Article 85)
  • C-174/84 Bulk Oil (External Relations/Israel)
  • C151/84 Roberts -v- Tate & Lyle (Equal Pay)
  • C-145/83 Stanley Adams (Damages)
  • C-63/83 Kent Kirk (Fishing)
  • C-133/83 Thos. Scott (Tachographs)
  • C-222/82 Apple & Pear (Agriculture)
  • C-45/81 Moksel (Agriculture)
  • C-84/81 Staple Dairy (Agriculture)
  • C-269/80 Tymen (Fishing)
  • C-136/79 National Panasonic (Competition)
  • C-155/79 AM&S (Competition)
  • C-130/79 Express Dairy (Agriculture)
  • C-135/78 Eurosteel (Dumping)
  • C-119/77 NSK (Dumping)
  • C-109/75 & C-114/75) National Carbonising (Coal/Competition)

Court of First Instance Cases:

  • T-190/12 Tomana and 119 others v Council and Commission (restrictive measures, Zimbabwe)
  • T-38/11 Cathay Pacific -v- Commission (Competition)
  • T-176/09 Government of Gibraltar v Commission (Habitats Directive, International law)
  • T-149/09 Dover -v- Parliament
  • T-145/09 Bredenkamp and others -v- Commission
  • T-284/08 INTP PMOI -v- Council (Interpretation of Judgment)
  • T-284/08 PMOI -v- Council (Blacklisting)
  • T-256/07 PMOI -v- Council (Blacklisting)
  • T-157/07 PMOI -v- Council (Blacklisting)
  • T-41/06 Poland -v- Commission (Merger)
  • T-228/02 OMPI -v- Commission (Foreign Policy)
  • T-66/01 ICI -v- Commission (Soda Ash II (Articles 82)
  • T-137/00 Cambridge Health (Pharmaceuticals)
  • T-165/99 Omega Air -v- Council (Aircraft noise)
  • T-162/98 SWSMA -v- Commission (coal, competition for BCC)
  • T-148/98 Evans -v- Commission (for BCC - Coal Competition)
  • T-89/98 NALOO -v- Commission (Coal - Competition for BCC)
  • T-22/97 Kesko -v- Commission (Mergers for Finland)
  • T-367/94 British Coal -v- Commission (Coal/Competition)
  • T-328/94 PVC II/ICI (Competition)
  • T-455/93 Hedley Lomas (Agriculture)
  • T-445/93 Electricity Companies (Pensions/Damages)
  • T-57/91 NALOO/British Coal (Coal/Competition)
  • T-37/91) Soda Ash/ICI (Competition: Article 86)
  • T-36/91) Soda Ash/ICI (Competition: Article 85)
  • T-99/89 LDPE/ICI (Competition)
  • T-98/89 PVC/ICI (Competition)
  • T-13/89 Polypropylene/ICI (Competition)

EU Cases in National Courts:

  • Green Lane Products -v- PMS (Design Rights) (C.A.)
  • Texaco -v- Herrema & McDermott (Comm. Ct)
  • Viking Line -v- ITF (Comm. Ct)
  • V Tech -v- Customs and Excise (customs classification:- appeal from VAT Tribunal
  • Quark Fishing (Supreme Court of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, High Court, Court of Appeal and House of Lords (Human Rights)
  • Granada and Thorn -v- C&E (state aid)
  • R -v- Secretary of State for Trade and Industry ex p. BT3G and One2one (state aid) (and C.A.)
  • R -v- Governor of Gibraltar ex parte Marrache (Art. 52 and At. 30, Gibraltar) (C.A. Gib.)
  • R -v- Hertfordshire County Council ex parte Green Environmental (self -incrimination and human rights) (H.L.)
  • Courage -v- Crehan (Art. 85, tied houses, damages) (Ch. D. C.A. H of L)
  • Citibank -v- Kessler (Art. 48 and mortgages) (C.A.)
  • R. -v- C&E ex p Lunn Poly (State Aid) (C.A.)
  • Matra -v- Home Office (Public Procurement) (C.A.)
  • Marks & Spencer -v- C&E (VAT) (High Ct)
  • U -v- W (A-G intervening) (Art 59 - free movement) (High Ct)
  • Chequepoint -v- McClelland (Discrimination) (C.A.)
  • Three Rivers District Council -v- Bank of England (Liability of Regulator) (High Court, C.A. and H.L.)
  • R -v- Secretary of State for Home Department ex parte Launder (Extradition) (H.L.)
  • Marchant & Elliot -v- Higgins (Art. 85) (C.A.)
  • R -v- Coventry City Council and Dover Harbour Board (export of live animals) (Div Ct)
  • R -v- C&E ex p Eurotunnel (Excise Duty) (Div Ct)
  • Inntrepreneur -v- Bayliss (Art. 85) (High Ct)
  • Philip Bros -v- Republic of Sierra Leone (Art. 85) (C.A.)
  • R -v- Manchester Passenger Executive (Equal Treatment) (Div Ct.)
  • R -v- Secretary of Home Department ex parte Generics (Pharmaceuticals) (Div Ct)
  • R -v- Secretary of State for Transport ex p Factortame (Fisheries - Divisional Court, Court of Appeal, House of Lords (2), Divisional Court, C.A. H.L.)
  • Sherson Lehman -v- Maclaine Watson (Competition. Art 85. Art. 86) (Comm. Ct)
  • R -v- Secretary of State for Society Security ex p. Schering Chemicals (Art 30. Pharmaceuticals) (C.A.)
  • Cutsforth -v- Mansfield Inns (Art 85. Injunctions) (High Ct)
  • R -v- Secretary of State for Social Security ex p Bomof (Art 30- Pharmaceuticals) (C.A.)
  • R -v- A.G. ex p ICI (State Aid. Tax) (C.A.)
  • R -v- MAFF, ex p Bell Lines (Judicial review. Art 30) (Div. Ct)
  • An Bord Bainne -v- MMB (Damages Art. 86) (C.A.)
  • Garden Cottage Foods -v- MMB (Damages Art. 86) (H.L.)

Expert witness on EU law in various international arbitrations

Competition Act:

  • AttheRaces/British Horseracing Board (CAT)
  • British Horseracing Board (OFT)
  • Genzyme Ltd -v- OFT (CAT)
  • Bacardi-Martini Ltd: (OFT)

Qualifications and Career


School - Eton College
College - Trinity College, Cambridge

Further information

  • CEDR accredited Mediator
  • Managing Trustee Slynn Foundation
  • Honorary Vice-President of the Bar European Group
  • Honorary Visting Professor of European Law at Durham University
  • Cited as Leading Silk in the area of EU and Competition Law in the Legal 500 2014, Chambers and Partners 2015, and Chambers Global 2015


  • 2001 - 04 - Leader of the European Circuit of the Bar of England and Wales
  • 2000 - - Judge of The Courts of Appeal of Jersey and Guernsey
  • 1999 - - Consulting Editor of U.K. Competition Law Reports
  • 1998 - - Editorial Board of European Business Law Review
  • 1997 - - Chairman of Editorial Board of European Law Reports
  • 1999 - Trustee of the Lord Slynn Foundation (Managing Trustee)
  • 1988 - - Bencher Inner Temple
  • 1998 - - Deputy High Court Judge
  • 1994 - 01 - Recorder
  • 1991 - - Advisory Board, Centre for European Legal Studies, Cambridge University
  • 2002 - - Honorary Professor of European Law, Durham University
  • 1989 - 00 - Visiting Professor of European Law, Durham University
  • 1992 - Board of Management of British Institute of International and Comparative Law
  • 1985 - Bronze Medal of Bar of Bordeaux
  • 1998 - - Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
  • Treasurer of United Kingdom Association of European Law (to 2000)
  • 1982-85 - Law Advisory Committee British Council
    Established Beveridge O'Malley & Vaughan in Brussels (subsequently amalgamated into Charlemagne Chambers).
  • 1978 - - Bar and Law Society Committee on Competition Law (Chairman 1981-88)
  • 1987 - 91 - Chairman of EEC section of the Union Internationale des Advocats
  • 1978 - 88 - Chairman of the Competition Working Party
  • 1978-81 - Member UK Delegation to Consultative Committee of the Bar and Law Societies of the European Communities
  • 1977 - - Founder and current Honorary Vice-President of the Bar European Group
  • 1987-89 - Member of Bar Committee
  • 1968-86 - International Relations Committee of Bar Council (Chairman 1984-86)
  • 1968-72 & 1984-86 - Member of Bar Council
  • 1963 - - In Practice - Brick Court Chambers, Brick Court (Brussels)
  • Pupillage -Lord Neill of Bladen Q.C.


  • Halsbury's Laws of England, 1986 (E.C. Law vols 51-52)
  • Editor of Vaughan on Law of the European Communities 1986 (2nd Edition 1991-92, 4 Volumes) (3rd Edition 1997-9, 4 volumes)
  • Co-ordinating Editor of Butterworths European Court Practice (1993)
  • Consultant Editor of Current EC Legal Developments Series, Butterworths
  • Editor of Vaughan and Robertson Encyclopaedia of EU Law (2004 - contribution on Competition Law)

Directory Comments

European and Competition Law

Chambers and Partners

  • "He's a legend - a true doyen of the competition law Bar." (2018)
  • "He has virtually unmatched experience and knowledge of European law." (2018)
  • "He is the éminence gris of EU law." (2017)
  • "He is superb - top of his field." (2017)
  • “The ‘great doyen of European law,’ David Vaughan QC is held up as a shining example of someone with ‘unrivalled experience’ in his field. His advice, drawn from 45 years of practice, is considered to be ‘first-class, incisive and pragmatic.’” (2013)
  • “David Vaughan QC has vast competition and European law experience, having appeared in more than 100 cases before the ECJ and the CFI.” (2012)
  • “He is adjudged ‘a cultivated, methodical operator, who gets from A to B in a case with the minimum of fuss.’” (2011)
  • “He is a legend and just the man to bring in when you need a bit of gravitas.” (2010)
  • “‘a great motivator and team player’ ‘excellent in EU work’” (2008)
  • “pushes the boundaries of competition law” (2007)
  • “‘doyen of competition law’, ‘silk of choice for state aid and public procurement matters’” (2006)
  • “a beacon and trailblazing figure of EU law” (2005)
  • “a pioneer of EU law” (2004)

Legal 500

  • “David Vaughan QC is a veteran of major European cases, and ‘excellent advocate’” (2013)
  • “‘innovative’, ‘commercial’, and ‘pushes the boundaries’ ‘commended for his ability to manage large teams’” (2008)
  • “‘analytical and tactically aware’, ‘solicitors enjoy working alongside him as he identifies hidden issues’” (2005)
  • “a great lateral thinker and easy to work with” (2004)
  • “one of the most high rated silks” (2003)

Public Procurement

Chambers and Partners

  • “a great fighter” (2007)


Chambers and Partners

  • Cited for his work in ‘competition aspects of telecoms law’ (2007)

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